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Successful Core Values of Our Rooter Services

Your plumbing system is one of the most significant aspects of your home. Many people take their pipes for granted until a major incident occurs. Without proper care and maintenance, poor plumbing can lead to leaks, toilet overflows, and many other unpleasant problems. That is why you need a dependable, reputable company to handle your plumbing and rooter service needs.

Our company offers a wide range of rooter services. We can perform preventative maintenance, repair or replace broken pipes, and much more. If you have a plumbing emergency, contact us 24/7 for immediate assistance. Our company’s core values are honesty, integrity, and high quality customer service. We pledge to always be there for our customers.

You can trust us to inspect your drain system for signs of wear and tear and any other problems. With our help, you will preemptively be able to stop problems before they start. We can help you gain the peace of mind of knowing that your plumbing system will be able to function properly for a very long time.

Come see for yourself what we have to offer you. Contact us online today to get an estimate or call us directly to schedule an appointment by calling (310) 694-5519 or (818) 428-1054. Our representatives are eager to help you!

Top Warning Signs of Water Heater Repair

water heater repair woodland hills

Every homeowner finds their home to be a sanctuary where all things function properly. A fully functional water heater is essential, but without it you can find yourself in a bind as you realize you use hot water for nearly everything especially during summertime. Fortunately, there are warning signs that can distinctly indicate when you need to contact a top Woodland Hills plumber residents trust for water heater repair. A water heater that is showing malfunction signs such as the ones we will present to you could save you the time and money to avoid the discomfort of a broken water heater.

Signs Your Water Heater Reflects Trouble

Although you may have heard from a handyman or two that when corrosion develops in a water tank, the system must be replaced – but this is not always the case. Of course, checking on the age of the water heater makes sense to indicate its service life, but before then there are a number of warning signs that should be noticed.

Water Discoloration

Rusty or brown water running out of your faucets do seem to appear whenever you have been gone for vacation for a week or longer but if this occurs when the hot water is being used on a regular basis then rust may have developed in the tank. Sometimes the water heater just needs to be flushed out rather than replacing it, but an emergency plumber can be contacted if it is a heartfelt issue.

Low Water Temperature

We all know that water simply doesn’t get warm until you allow it to run for a brief period, but if it needs more time than usual to get it hot enough to take a shower or wash the dishes then you may have an issue on your hands. The first thing a homeowner should do is check the thermostat on the water heater to ensure it is set correctly. Most water homes have them set between 120 and 140 degrees Fahrenheit. However, the problem can be more troublesome. An electric heater may have faulty or failing heating elements and a gas heater may have a malfunctioning thermocouple. Some other possibilities include a loose dip tube or a water heater that is no longer big enough to get the job done in the household.

Constant Disruptive Sounds

Regardless of the cause, a noisy water heater may be due for an inspection and repair service. In a hot water heater, sounds or rattling or knocking typically refer to sediment buildup in the tank which interferes with heating elements and may eventually lead to the tank overheating. An emergency plumber Woodland Hills contractor should be notified of the sounds and he may flush out the tank to resolve the problem.

Unwanted Leaking

Any leaking around the water heater or pipes leading to your faucets is a sure sign of water heater repair. Leaking water heaters often need to be replaced, but an experienced plumbing contractor can diagnose and treat the issue properly.

Whether it is time to replace your existing water heater or not, consider the benefits of converting to a tankless water heater. According to the Department of Energy, tankless or on-demand water heaters reach up to 30 percent energy savings compared to a standard natural gas storage tank water heater. In all other efforts of cutting water heater costs, contact a licensed plumbing contractor.

Douse Water Heater Problems with the Top Plumber Woodland Hills

Avoid the high risks of working with an unlicensed handyman and contact a plumbing contractor you can trust. Water heaters are meant to last about 10 to 15 years, but if you see experience any of these warning signs get the emergency plumber Woodland Hills homeowners choose most. Contact our water heater operators at (818) 428-1051.

Top Reasons for A Busted Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal 2

A garbage disposal is a fantastic addition to any homeowner’s kitchen when used properly. It can reduce the amount of time spent cleaning, prevent odors and improve hygiene. In order to keep this appliance in top shape it requires regular maintenance to prevent malfunction. Many homeowners find it odd when their disposal breaks down but breakdowns are always possible just like any appliance that runs in constant use. There are a few tips homeowners can resort to notice the signs for garbage disposal repair.

Causes of Garbage Disposal Failure

Depending on a plumber Chatsworth residents count on most is the best solution anyone can resort to whenever the garbage disposal breaks down. First we can help you understand the causes of garbage disposal failure. The most common causes of garbage disposal failure that we encounter include:

Grease and fat poured down the disposal: No one should ever consider pouring down grease and fatty particles down any drain and that includes disposals. These liquids harden as they cool off in the drain which can also jam the flywheel in the disposal.

Excess amount of chicken bones, food debris and starches: No garbage disposal is indestructible. Advertisers may claim their blades will last forever, but that is unlikely. Large bones, large food crumbs, and starchy foods can be harmful to the disposal blade and cause constant drain clogs.

Poor disposal installation: This is a rare but big problem for emergency plumbers so the first thing to be sure is that you are hiring a dependable company to install your garbage disposal. If you inherited a disposal upon moving into your home then you may need a plumbing contractor to inspect the system to ensure the disposal drains properly and does not use too much power in the process.

Whenever there are leftover food particles you can resort to natural methods of disposal that does not involve throwing wasting them in a garbage can. According Earth Easy, instead of throwing items such as coffee grounds or eggshells down a garbage disposal that get stuck over time compost these items in your garden or lawn. Composting is a simple way to add nutrient-rich fuel for plants and grass to grow as they restore vitality to depleted soil.

Contact the Plumber Chatsworth Clients Trust

If there is ever a situation where the garbage disposal fails to get the job done or a clog starts building up in your kitchen then it is best to get in touch with a plumbing contractor. Get the best emergency plumber Chatsworth residents choose most often to repair or replace your garbage disposal. Call the 24hr plumber Chatsworth office at (818) 647-1207.


Five Helpful Bathroom Plumbing Tips
Bathroom Plumbing Tips


Bathroom plumbing maintenance may not be the most exciting topic around but, if you’re reading this, chances are you have some concerns about the fixtures and drains in your bathroom. Although most of us don’t think about it very often, having bathroom plumbing that works is one of those modern comforts that we would be lost without. In order to keep your bathroom in top working order, follow these five handy tips for bathroom plumbing maintenance.

  1. Run hot water down your drains at least once a week. Even if you’re partial to cold showers, giving your drains a dose of hot water will help keep them clear of debris and free flowing.
  2. Address leaking fixtures as soon as you find them. This will help you avoid future damage to your fixtures, which will occur if the leaking goes on unabated. However, if you feel uncomfortable addressing the problem yourself, it might be better to contract a licensed plumber experienced in bathroom plumbing.
  3. Speaking of maintaining your fixtures, get rid of those unsightly mineral deposits that collect on your showerhead. This tip is super easy, and will make for much better flow during your shower. Just take one cup of vinegar, place it in a plastic bag, and secure it over your showerhead with a twist tie. Leave it overnight and remove it the next morning, using a damp cloth to wipe away the broken up mineral deposits. You can do this as often as the buildup collects.
  4. Put strainers in your tub and shower drains. A simple strainer costs a couple of dollars and will keep soap chips and loose hair from clogging up your pipes. Just make sure to clean them out regularly.
  5. Avoid flushing anything down your toilet besides toilet paper. Cotton swabs, make-up pads, facial tissues, and especially non-flushable moist wipes can clog up your pipes and cause a ton of headaches. Just remember, the toilet is not a wastebasket.

Following these five handy tips can help you avoid plumbing problems and extend the life of your bathroom fixtures. If you do have a problem, Mike Stern Plumbing is here to help you no matter where you are in the greater Los Angeles and Ventura areas.

Repurposing Your Leftover Pipes
pipes furniture



The pipes in your home are no longer working properly. The foul-smelling sludge they deliver can hardly be called water, and you certainly don’t want to bathe or cook with it. So you called Mike Stern Plumber to remove your old galvanized pipes and install a fancy new set of copper pipes. These durable, lifetime guaranteed pipes have returned the supply of fresh water to your home, but one question remains: What do I do with my old pipes? Fortunately, there are a variety of novel uses for old pipes, many of which fit perfectly with the unique styling that Los Angeles homeowners love to embrace.


Galvanized pipes may not hold up great over time when it comes to transporting water, but they’re great as support elements for furniture. The main problem with galvanized pipe is the tendency for corrosion on the inside of the pipes, which fouls your drinking water. But structurally they hold up quite well. When repurposed as a frame for a table, your old pipes can enjoy a whole new life as a piece of modern/retro furniture. And not only do furniture pieces like this look great; they’re also recycled.

Art Pieces

Galvanized pipe is also a great material for sculptors to work with. If you have excess pipe lying around, you might consider donating it to a local artist and seeing what he or she comes up with. Or, you can take advantage of the free material to explore your own creative side. Because these pipes are usually threaded already, you can put together some interesting shapes without even learning to weld.


If you have leftover PEX pipe – those big plastic pipes – you can glue them together to make a great wine organizer or a place to store your hairdryer. Arranging them in asymmetrical formations can give you a unique piece for your kitchen or bathroom, and they’re handy too. They make a great wine rack and, because you make it yourself, they can accommodate as many bottles as you want.

Hydro Jetting Versus Snaking Drains
Drain Cleaning


When faced with a giant clog in your drain, the issue becomes a matter of scale, which means you need to weigh hydro jetting versus snaking. In other words, depending on the size of your clog and your plumbing abilities, you will need to make the best choice for getting your pipes free and clear again. Each method has its pros and cons, which we will help you work through.


Pros and Cons of Snaking Pipes


Plumbing augers, known most commonly as plumbing snakes, are a relatively easy, quick fix to drains. Many people know someone with a snake and are skilled enough to free drain clogs comprised of hair, food, and other gross things. Snakes are also a great way to sort of get a feel of what’s going on down there. For example, if your snake is unable to plow through a jam, then there could be a bigger issue at hand. Now for the bad news: snakes come in two different shapes—straight and J-shaped. If you don’t have access to the correct one, then you’ll need to track one down, buy one, or call a plumber. The other problem with snakes is that, while it’s great knowing if you have a serious blockage in your pipes, it’s even better to remove said blockage, which snakes can’t do.


Pros and Cons of Hydro Jetting


As the name indicated, hydro jetting is a super-charged stream of water shot through your pipes with an intense level of pressure. This is not something you can do yourself, unless of course you’re a plumber specializing in hydro jetting. While calling a plumber may sound expensive, it’s not half as expensive as paying for the subsequent flooding that can occur if you try to cut corners. Hydro jetting is extremely effective and can clear out almost any major clog. Further, it gets your pipes back to being clean and clear.


So which one is Better?


It really depends on your needs. As this home owners guide suggests, get a feel for what you’re dealing with first and then go from there. If you’re ever in doubt, just call a plumber for a consultation. Pipes are not something you want to neglect, nor cut corners with.

How to Save Water During a Drought

For anyone living in California, the transition from winter to spring was a subtle one. A recent Huffington Post article highlights just how bad things have gotten. The drought that has been plaguing the state in recent years seems to just be getting worse. Climatologists agree that the drought shows no signs of abatement, so the best thing for California’s future is to get the state’s citizens on board with water conservation.

What Can I do to Save Water?

Many people don’t feel as though they actively waste water, so cutting down on water may seem like a difficult task. These feelings may be magnified if you live in an apartment where you don’t have any control over when the lawns get watered, or how many times the washing machine gets used. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter if you live in an apartment, or a mansion. There is always something you can do to conserve water during a drought.

Start by using a water calculator to determine just how much water your home uses on average. This is a free and easy tool to help highlight just how much h2O your home actually needs versus how much it uses.

Saving Water in the Kitchen

Many of the tips designed to mitigate water consumption are simply about being mindful and using as little water as needed. For example, when you’re in the kitchen try doing the three following tips to help reduce your water dependency:

• Only run the dishwasher when it’s a full load. Running a machine without utilizing its space capacity is a huge waste of money and resources.

• If you wash dishes by hand, fill one basin with water to scrub and use the other basin for rinsing. Don’t simply stand at the sink and let the water run while you scrub and rinse.

• Wash your fruits and veggies in a pan and then use that water for houseplants. There’s no need to run water over your food the entire time your cleaning, especially when it’s fruit and vegetables, which can be cleaned in standing water.

Saving Water in the Bathroom

Much like the kitchen, saving water in the bathroom just requires a little bit of thought. For example, consider the following:

• Take a shower that lasts for five minutes or less. The average showerhead runs at a rate of five gallons per minute, so it adds up quickly.

• If you turn off water while you’re standing at the sink brushing your teeth, you can save your family up to 10 gallons per day.

• Do routine inspections to make sure your toilet and faucets aren’t leaking. Try putting a bit of food coloring in the toilet tank. If you see any colored water in your bowl, your tank is leaking.

Doing routine leak checks is always advised. Keep the number of a trusted plumber on hand in case of an emergency and be sure to get online and find out how else you can save water during the drought.

New Home Owner? Calling a Plumber Can Save You Some Money

Buying a new home is an exciting venture for anyone, even more so if it’s the first home you’ve ever purchased. When potential buyers are on the market for a new home they often pay attention only to the overall aesthetics of the property they are considering, but there are other, less visible, factors that need to be taken into consideration as well.

Unless the home you are considering is a brand new home, chances are that the piping system has undergone some wear and tear under previous ownership that may need some immediate attention. Depending on how old the home is, and whether or not previous owners were aware of, and took care of, piping maintenance, this could mean that pipes need to be cleaned, repaired, or changed completely.

Often, the excitement and novelty of becoming a homeowner is enough to cause you to overlook the state of the plumbing system and any potential repairs that might be beneficial, or even necessary for your home. Plumbing problems come in all shapes and sizes and it is essential to take care of them quickly so that they don’t end up costing you more money in the long run.

Something that rarely comes to mind, but is very crucial to consider when living in the Los Angeles area, is that California is commonly subject to earthquakes and that the damage they can cause to your plumbing is no laughing matter. Cracks in pipes, loose valves and restraints, odd smells, or even visible wear should be inspected by a professional plumber in order to ensure that no serious plumbing problems develop in the near future. That’s where we come in.

Mike Stern Plumbing serves all of San Fernando, Los Angeles, and Ventura County and our goal is to ensure that you enjoy your new home by taking care of any and all of your plumbing concerns. Whether it is taking care of a serious problem or just a routine precautionary inspection, our professional plumbers are here to make your life a little easier.

Buying a new home should be a cause for celebration, and taking care of you plumbing issues helps us ensure that you don’t have to deal with headaches down the road. Whether you need a simple inspection or you are aware of serious problems that need emergency repair you have the best plumbing contractor in Woodland Hills on your side.

Plumbing Problems You Need to Be Aware Of

A plumbing system plays a critical part in every homeowner’s way of life, but most plumbing flaws are out of plain sight. Dripping faucets, clogged toilets and slow running shower heads are all visible plumbing problems. However, there are few signs in your plumbing to watch for that you may not be aware of. Failing to take notice of these problems could result in serious plumbing issues, leaving you with a mountain of repairs. Take notice of these signs early and contact Mike Stern Plumbing if you need professional assistance.

Slow Drains

If your drain slows down repeatedly in the kitchen or bathroom sink, you most likely think it is just a simple clog in the system that should pass on its own. However, the problem could be a pressure imbalance in your pipes. As water flows through your plumbing system pipes it pushes air ahead of it, creating vacuum-like suction behind it. Plumbing systems are balanced to handle this airflow and if pressure becomes imbalanced it can cause drains to slow down and become backed up.

Hard Water

Most homeowners are unaware of the issue of hard water. When running water flows it should be clean and free of visible substances, but if there are flaky, white chalk-like materials on your sinks or dishes after use then there are excess minerals in your water. The substance left behind is called limescale, and if left untreated could cause damage to the home’s water-based appliances.

Strong Sewage Smell

The smell of sewage may come in waves, so it is possible to go unnoticed, especially if the homeowner frequently cleans the bathroom or sprays fragrances to camouflage the stench. The smell of sewage can be warning signs of a leaky or ruptured pipe in your bathroom plumbing, which could lead to a potential health risk for you and others in your household.

If you notice any of these signs occurring or other plumbing issues are happening around your home, do not hesitate to call upon Mike Stern Plumbing. Our experienced professionals are licensed and capable of resolving your plumbing issues day or night. Don’t hesitate to call on your Los Angeles plumber, Mike Stern.

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