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"Having read several reviews of Mike Stern Plumbing, I could see that among several strong recommendations, the only complaints were actually complaints about the reviewers' Home Warranty Company, not Mike Stern Plumbing.

As a DIY family we have very seldom used a plumbing company. When we bought our new home and found out that 1 of our 2 brick gas fireplaces had a bad valve, we were bummed. The fireplaces are an awesome feature in our great room, but the valve was from the 60's and buried in the floor, in over 6 inches of concrete. This was far from a typical plumbing project!!

To start, I could not find anyone that would even look for a replacement part, and most companies were not willing to estimate cutting the floor without cracking the bricks and the rebuilding or replacing the valve, and patching the concrete. However, Steve, the President of the Mike Stern Plumbing, provided us an estimate explaining the several scenarios and options to complete the repair. I was impressed that he was genuinely excited to work on a project this challenging."

-- - R. R

"Jesus from Mike Stern plumbing came-in yesterday to do a snake job on my home in Granada Hills. He was extremely nice, & informative. He relentlessly worked on the problem for 4 hours(Because my clean-out was too damn small even for the little blade). Right away, he informed me that because of this, he won't be able to do a proper job. Whereas most companies won't tell you that upfront or at all. HONESTY! He proved right away that he's not going to screw me out of my money….

…If you want quality work that doesn't rip your pockets into shreds, definitely do business w/ the Stern company"

-- - A. R

"We bought an older home (1955) on a raised foundation that had mostly galvanized service that produced brown & murky water; this just needed to be re-piped with copper.

I spent about 3 weeks getting quotes from four different companies. Learned a lot more about this process then I had ever thought... Steve and his son came out to the house several times during the estimate phase to explain and go over options with us. …"

"….They were focused on the job and kept me apprised of progress and issues that needed remediation. They communicated well with each other as well as worked well with other contractors I had in the house. They were meticulous and clean as you could possibly imagine during a major project as this.

The job is done now and our family is very happy to have clean and plentiful hot water....

I highly recommend Stern Plumbing and will definitely be calling on them for all my plumbing needs from this point forward."

-- - - T. F

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